HippieShippie is a trippy collection of casual, printed tees and cool summer shirts. It’s a funky range of soft, comfortable and durable fabrics combined with cool, original and vibrant graphics. An attempt to make clothing fun for men and an opportunity to put art into the wardrobe. What it’s not, is just another clothing brand.

Born out of a passion for art (and yes, t-shirts!), HippieShippie is the brainchild of married couple – Priya and Varun. Priya is an obsessive compulsive dog lover and graphic designer who even dreams in CMYK. Varun is a globetrotting sailor (read shippie) who loves to paint. So when Varun started creating some truly spectacular paintings, Priya couldn’t resist but to get them printed on t-shirts. After scouring the corners of India for the highest quality of fabrics and prints, together they bring you HippieShippie.

As you browse through the website, you’ll find half-sleeve tees – some with printed pockets, some without – carefully hand-crafted half-sleeve shirts, tees for sailors, tees for hippies, tees for everyone in between. Wear them to the beach; wear them to a bar, wear them to a music festival, a casual meeting, a coffee shop, a date, a holiday, wherever.

HippieShippie will soon broaden its horizons to include other equally hippy and trippy products in the future. Until then, buy yourself some affordable designer wear and add some hand-painted art to your closet.